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String Durability

How strong is the string?

Updated over a week ago

How strong is the string in your ChickenGuard Door Opener?

This is a common question and the answer is: VERY DURABLE. The string we use is 1.5mm nylon string.

For the technical folk, the breaking strain of the string is 25kg or 50lb – that’s about 12 healthy hens!

We have seen very few cases of the string snapping, and the cause has always been either an animal chewing through the string, or abnormal physical strain being put on the string.

We do advise, however, that you ensure that the string does not rub against the coop itself, as this could wear through the string over time.

If your string has snapped and you need some guidance on replacing or rewinding it, please see our article on Replacing a Snapped String.

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