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ChickenGuard's Office Hours
ChickenGuard's Office Hours

When is the ChickenGuard team available to assist you?

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Where is ChickenGuard based?

ChickenGuard is a British company, and our head office is located in Cambridge, England.

We also have a small office in Spain, which is home to some of our multilingual Customer Support team.

Languages some members of the team can speak include English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

The team can provide support over email or chat in any language.

What are the office's Open Hours?

Our offices are open Monday-Friday between 8:30am GMT and 5:30pm GMT.

However, we also keep the phone lines open until 10pm GMT every weekday, so that we can continue to offer support to customers in the US and Canada.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer support over the weekend.

What about Bank Holidays?

We do our best to continue offering support on bank holidays.

UK and Europe bank holidays:

When a bank holiday is localised to either or both the UK and Spain, limited support is available from 11:30am to 8pm GMT.

US only bank holidays:

When a bank holiday is localised to the US only, support continues to be available during standard office hours.

Is Live Chat available?

Unfortunately, our team is currently unable to provide live chat conversations. However, if you write us a message via the messenger, someone will be in contact as soon as they are able.

We also have an AI Support Bot, named Chip, who might be able to answer some questions for you. Chip will assist you first, and if he cannot solve your problem, choose the "get more help" option, and your conversation will be passed to the team, who will be in contact as soon as possible.

As long as you provide your email address, all responses from the team will be sent via email.

Can you contact the team via email?

To talk to the team, please use the messenger available on the website and in the bottom right corner of this page. Your message will first be answered by the AI support bot, named Chip, who can provide answers for many simple queries.

If Chip cannot answer your question, choose the "get more help" option, your conversation will be passed to the team, who will be in contact via email as soon as possible.

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