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The Door is Sticking in the Runners
The Door is Sticking in the Runners

Learn why your Locking Door might be getting stuck in its rails.

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What can cause the Locking Door to get stuck in its rails?

If your door becomes stuck and throws an error, or it struggles to move up and down without physical assistance, this could be due to one or more of the following:

  • The runners are too tight;

    • they may have been installed too tight, not allowing enough room for the door to move freely

    • if your coop is made of wood, changing weather conditions can cause it to warp slightly, which can alter the position of the runners

  • Dirt or debris in the runners

  • Freezing temperatures causing condensation to freeze between the door and rails

How can you resolve the problem?

Click on one of the drop-down options below to learn what you can do to resolve the problem, or prevent the problem from occurring again.

The runners are too tight

To fix the problem of the runners being too tight, please remove one or both of the runners, and reinstall them, making sure the door has plenty of room to slide up and down freely between the rails. There should be no friction or resistance at all, as the door opener relies on gravity to close the door.

Dirt or Debris in the runners

Make sure to regularly clear the runners of any debris caused by birds coming in and out of the coop.

ChickenGuard products are designed to make your life easier, but like most mechanical products, they still need regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure they can keep working without error.

Condensation freezing between the door and rails

To avoid too much impact on the door's ability to continue running during the winter, the door and runners are made of ABS plastic, which has a freezing temperature of -200°c. However, it is impossible to stop frost forming on the exterior of the material during very cold nights.

Customers have reported that rubbing some vaseline (petroleum jelly) along the inside of the runners prevents ice from developing overnight.

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