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The Locking Door is not locking
The Locking Door is not locking

Learn what you can do if your Locking Door is not locking

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What can cause the door to fail to lock?

If your Locking Door is not locking, this can be caused by...

  • the runners being too tight at the bottom

  • the rod in the locking mechanism becoming twisted during transport

  • the locking mechanism becoming damaged after prolonged use in an unconventional setup

  • (if you are calibrating manually) the door not reaching the bottom of the runners, meaning the locking arms cannot pop out

How can we solve the problem?

Step one:

Make sure that the door is able to move down in the runners without being pushed by hand (the door relies on gravity to close, so any resistance can cause problems).

If the runners are too tight, you may also notice that the "power"/"torque" percentage shown during an open cycle is very high; higher than 30% indicates that the runners may be too tight.

Try removing one or both of the runners, and reinstalling them to give the door more room to move freely without manual assistance.

Then, complete a new calibration, making sure the door moves all the way to the bottom of the runners.

If the locking arms still do not pop out to lock the door, progress to Step two.

Step two:

Try lifting the rod in and out of the door to check if it is able to move smoothly, or if it is stiff and stuck in place.

If it is very stiff, lift it halfway out of the door and twist it 90° in either direction. It may require some force, but you should feel the rod "pop" back into place, and start to move smoothly and freely again.

If you cannot get the rod to twist back into place, the mechanism may be damaged beyond repair. Talk to the Customer Support team and they will advise next steps.

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