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Using a ChickenGuard Door Opener with a Ramp

Learn how you might set up your ChickenGuard door opener with a ramp-style door

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Setting up a ChickenGuard unit to work with a ramp-style door can be quite difficult, but may not be impossible.

For ramps that lead up to an opening on the underside of the coop:

If the ramp weighs less than 2kg, you may be able to set up a pulley system to lift and drop the ramp door. Take care to ensure that the string will not obstruct the chickens' access to the coop.

However, for this to work, you would need to make some changes to the direction of the motor and spindle. Click on one of the drop-down options below to learn more about how to reverse your open and close directions.


You will notice that the motor wires are connected to the circuit board, with the black wire on top and the red underneath. Detaching and reattaching this cable with red-to-black and black-to-red is the simplest way to reverse the door direction.

Alternatively, you can go into "Door Calibration", and hold down the down button until the string lets out completely and begins to rewind in the opposite direction.


Follow the below instructions:

  1. Press and hold the centre button for 5+ seconds until "Continue?" appears

  2. Select "YES" using the up button

  3. Use the down button to scroll along to "Motor Reverse", using the centre button to select this option

  4. select "YES" using the up button

  5. Use the up button to scroll along to "Exit", using the centre button to select this option

For ramps that lead up to an opening on the front of the coop:

A ChickenGuard door opener most likely cannot be set up to lift a ramp door like this. However, you may find that you can install either a Locking Door or an All-in-One unit over the door opening, leaving the ramp down permanently.

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NOTE: If you are looking for information on installing a ChickenGuard door opener to be used with a standard pop-hole door, you only need to make sure that the door weighs less than 2kg (4.4lbs) and is able to move freely up and down without friction or resistance.

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