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Setting the door to Open and Close Manually

Learn how to set the door to open and/or close manually, instead of automatically.

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What can you do if you want the door to stop opening or closing automatically for a period?

ChickenGuard units cannot be switched off without removing the batteries or unplugging the power source. And removing the power source resets your settings, so this isn't always the best option.

What you can do is set your "Open Settings" and "Close Settings" to "Manual". This stops the door from opening and closing automatically with the timer or sensor.

How do you open or close the door manually?

To open the door manually, press the menu button once to wake the screen, then press the UP button once.

To close the door manually, press the menu button once to wake the screen, then press the DOWN button once.

Can you open or close the door manually without setting it to Manual?

Yes, you can still open and close the door manually without setting your Open Settings and Close Settings to Manual. But, in some cases, the automatic opening/closing settings might override the manual open or close, and in other cases, the manual open/close may override the automatic open/close. The devices are designed to split the day into two 12 hour periods - the door can only be automatically opened during AM hours, and can only be automatically closed during PM hours.

If you have your door opener set to open using the light sensor, and manually close the door before midday, the door opener will re-open the door again because it is reading a light value higher than the Open setting. If you manually close the door after midday, the door will remain closed as the device assumes you are just closing the door for the night ahead of schedule.

All-in-One units work a litte differently to Door Opener units - when a calibration is completed, the door ends in its closed position.

If you are using an All-in-One and perform a calibration before midday, the door will re-open by itself after a few moments. However, if you perform a calibration of your All-in-One after midday, the door will remain closed. Manually opening the All-in-One after midday will override the automatic close setting, so you will need to manually close the door that evening, but it will open automatically in the morning.

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