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Short Battery Life during Winter

Learn why some batteries can run out faster during winter months.

Updated over a week ago

All of our Door Openers run on 4x AA batteries, and the type of battery used should be alkaline. This is due to lithium batteries having a higher risk of overheating in outdoor electronics and causing damage to the internals.

During cold months, however, alkaline batteries are negatively affected by the low temperatures, and can run low very quickly.

To combat this, we suggest switching to lithium batteries during the cold months, when the weather is consistently below 5°c / 41°f.

This is advised because there is no risk of the batteries overheating and damaging the electronics when temperatures are so low.

You MUST remove the lithium batteries when temperatures begin to rise again in the late Winter or early Spring.

Lithium batteries must be replaced with alkaline when the weather begins to warm again. If lithium batteries are used in the product during warm weather, this can cause fires which are not covered by your door opener's warranty.

Alternatively, your Door Opener can be powered using an external power source. Please see our "External Power Options" article.

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