What is Setup Wizard?

Learn about the Setup Wizard and what it is used for.

Updated over a week ago

"Setup Wizard" will be the first option available in the Settings Menu when you set up your ChickenGuard unit for the first time. The aim of the Setup Wizard is to guide you through all the settings necessary for your ChickenGuard door opener to work automatically.

After you have used the Setup Wizard, it will be moved to the very end of the Settings Menu instead of appearing as the first option.

Should you use Setup Wizard every time you need to change a setting?

The short answer is no. The Setup Wizard takes you through every single setting, and if you are looking for one specific setting, it can be easy to accidentally edit or change a different setting that you did not intend to alter.

Each setting should be accessed individually by using the down button to scroll through, and the centre/menu button to select the option you want.

Think of the menu as a carousel; you can use the up and down buttons to scroll through it. Think of the menu button as an "select"/"OK" key.

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