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Low percentage showing after battery change

Learn what the power percentage means when your door is opening or closing.

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What does a low percentage mean?

When opening, closing, or calibrating your door, you may see the word "Power" and a percentage. This percentage does not relate to the batteries. This percentage pertains to the amount of possible power the motor is using to move the door.

If you are seeing somewhere between 5-25%, this is a very good power percentage, and indicates that your motor is able to move the door very easily.

If this percentage is higher than 30%, it is worth checking that your door is able to move freely in its rails.

Note: on newer models, the word "Power" has been replaced with the word "Torque" to avoid confusion.

How can you check the remaining battery power?

So, if the power percentage is nothing to do with the batteries, how can you learn how much power is remaining in the batteries?

Your ChickenGuard unit is able to tell you how much power the batteries are providing in the form of a voltage value.

To check the batteries' voltage, follow the below instructions:

  1. Press the menu button to wake the screen

  2. Press the menu button once to enter the Settings menu

  3. Press the down 5 times until you reach "Misc Settings", pressing the menu button to select this option

  4. Press the down button until you reach a page which displays the model name on the top line, and "Battery OK" on the bottom line.

  5. Check the voltage shown on the bottom line.

If the voltage is displayed as 5.3v or lower, put a new set of 4x AA alkaline batteries into your ChickenGuard unit.

A new set of 4x AA batteries should provide 6 volts in total (1.5v each).

Your unit will give a low battery warning in the form of a solid red light when the batteries reach 5 volts. However, if you receive a "motor power error" before this red light shows, your motor may require new batteries sooner than the unit itself.

Note: this page will always say "Battery OK", as long as the unit itself has enough power. But the motor may require a little more power to run.

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