Solid Red Light Meaning

Learn what a constant red light and/or blank screen means.

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A solid red light constantly showing on the front of your Door Opener is a Battery Warning Light, meaning that your batteries need to be replaced.

Please replace all of the batteries with four (4) brand new AA alkaline batteries.

You should also check that the batteries have been placed in the battery box facing the correct directions. The negative end should always be touching the spring.

All of our Door Openers take 4x AA batteries. If you can only see two batteries, please lift the battery box out of the unit to reach the two underneath.

If you have replaced the batteries once and the screen does not wake, please remove the batteries again, leave the unit for a few minutes, then replace a different set of new batteries.

If the screen does wake, but there is no text, or there is text giving a low battery warning, there is still not enough power coming from the batteries. You will need to try a different set of brand new batteries.

Each AA battery should provide 1.5 volts when new, but occasionally, a battery can be low before it is even taken out of the package.

You can check the voltage of the batteries by navigating to "Misc Settings", then to the page which displays the model name and "Battery OK". This voltage should be at least 5.8v if all batteries are new.

How much time do you have to change the batteries after the red light shows?

The battery warning light shows when the voltage provided by the set of batteries falls to 5 volts. When you see the solid red light on your Door Opener, you should change the batteries immediately.

The device may keep working for a few hours or possibly up to a day, but the batteries should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid loss of power.

How can you check the remaining battery voltage before the red light appears?

A new set of 4x AA batteries should provide 6 volts in total. If you would like to check how much power is left in the batteries, you can navigate to the device information page inside the Misc Settings. See below for directions:

  1. Press the menu button once to wake the screen

  2. Press the menu button once to enter the Settings Menu

  3. Press the down button 5 times to reach "Misc Settings", pressing the menu button to select this option

  4. Press the down button until you reach the page which displays the model name, firmware version number, and battery voltage. It will look something like the below:

    Premium 5.05

    Battery OK: 5.74V

  5. Take note of the battery voltage next to "Battery OK", then use the down button to scroll along to "Exit", pressing the menu button to take you back to the home screen.

If you would like to power your Door Opener through the mains instead of using batteries, please see our article on External Power Options.

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