The screen will not power on

Learn what you can do if you have replaced the batteries, but the screen is blank and the device will not function.

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Please make sure you have changed all FOUR batteries. These must be AA alkaline batteries, and must not be rechargeable (unless you are using a Solar All-in-One with 4x NiMH batteries).

A full set of 4x AA batteries should provide 6 volts of power.

You should also check that the batteries have been placed in the battery box facing the correct directions. The negative end should always be touching the spring.

If the first set of batteries does not work, please also try a second set of NEW batteries.

If the screen wakes, but you see a low battery warning, please read our article on the meaning of a solid red light.

Please watch this video for assistance with changing your batteries in older models with removable battery boxes:

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