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Blue screen with no text

Learn what to do if your screen is backlit, but there is no text displayed.

Updated over a week ago

Why might the screen light up blue but fail to display text?

If the LCD screen is lighting up blue but there is no text displayed, this is most likely due to a power supply issue.

Make sure you have replaced ALL FOUR (4) AA batteries, ensuring that they are all brand new and are NOT rechargeable (unless you are using a Solar All-in-One with 4x NiMH batteries). Remember to also make sure that the batteries are installed in the correct directions, with the negative end of the battery touching the spring.

If you have already tried replacing the batteries, we would advise trying a second set, as batteries can sometimes lose power while sitting in the box.

What if the problem remains after multiple battery replacements?

If you have changed ALL FOUR batteries multiple times and the screen still does not display text, you will need to talk to the Customer Support team.

Send them a copy of your purchase receipt, and some photos of the screen and circuit board. They may ask a few more questions to assess the solution to the problem.

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