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Replacing your old ChickenGuard
Replacing your old ChickenGuard

Learn about our loyalty discount and how to claim it

Updated over a week ago

What is the loyalty discount?

If you are an existing ChickenGuard customer, and would like to order a new door opener to replace an old unit, you are entitled to a loyalty discount.

The loyalty discount can be used to purchase a replacement door opener through our website.

It is unfortunately not available for purchases made through Amazon or a partner store.

How can you claim your loyalty discount?

To claim your loyalty discount, you will need to be able to prove ownership of your old Door Opener.

Talk to the Customer Support team and provide them with some kind of proof of purchase, showing the order date of your unit.

If you are unable to find your proof-of-purchase, try to get in contact with the organisation you purchased it from, or let the Support team know in case they can find record of it in our order history.

Once they have the necessary information, the Support team will be able to send you the discount code via email.

Note: the discount code changes each month, so if you have received a code in the past and you think it has now expired, please contact Customer Support to ask for the updated discount code.

How do you use the discount code?

The discount code can be entered at the Checkout stage. There will be a message reading "Have a coupon?".

Click on this, and enter the discount code in the text box that appears. Then click on "Apply".

The discount will then be applied to your basket.

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