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Warranty Information

Learn about our warranty policy, how to register your warranty, and how to redeem it.

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What is our warranty policy?

All ChickenGuard Door Openers have an extended warranty period of 3 years, if registered within 90 days of purchase. You are also entitled to lifelong technical support.

Self-Locking Doors have a warranty period of 1 year, and are not entitled to the extended warranty period, but are still entitled to lifelong technical support.

You can read our full warranty policy here:

How can you register your warranty?

To register your warranty, please visit this link and fill in each entry field:

"Model number" refers to the model number or name printed on the front of the device. This may be something like Premium, X5, PRO, All-in-One, etc.

The "serial number" can be found on the small white sticker which will be stuck onto the side of the device, underneath the QR code.

How can you redeem your warranty?

If you are experiencing troubles with your door opener, please first explore our help centre, to see if you are able to rectify the problem at home.

If you have exhausted all suggestions in the help centre and still experience troubles, please contact the Customer Support team and give them as much detail as possible about the problem. The team will most likely ask to see some photos and/or videos of your door opener so that they can accurately assess the problem, its cause, and its solution.

When contacting the team, ensure you have a copy of either your purchase invoice, order confirmation email, or warranty registration email.

The Support team's solution may include...

  • a set of instructions to fix the issue

  • a replacement part sent to your address

  • a replacement unit in extreme cases

Some damage may not be covered by the warranty if it has been caused by outside factors, e.g. red mite infestations, fires, battery acid leaks, etc. The Support team will advise you of your options in these cases.

What if your warranty has expired?

You are still entitled to technical support from our team even after the warranty has expired.

If your door opener requires replacement parts after the warranty expiration date, the support team will advise you on the cost of the parts required.

If your door opener cannot be repaired with new parts, the support team will offer you a loyalty discount on the purchase of a replacement unit.

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