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Repair Services

Learn what repair services are currently available.

Updated over a week ago

UK Repair Services

Our company is based in the UK, and currently, repair services are only available in the UK.

If you are in the UK and would like to send your Door Opener in for repair, talk to the Customer Support team first, via email or chat, or by calling +44 (0)1223 855636, as it is possible that the problem can be resolved through troubleshooting.

Note: if we find that there is no repair or replacement part necessary, we will require payment for postage before sending the unit back to you.

Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia/NZ Services

We are currently unable to provide a physical repair service outside of the UK. However, our Support team is available for troubleshooting Monday-Friday via email or phone.

If the Support team determines that you will need a replacement part to repair your device, these can be sent out free of charge under the 3-year warranty.

If your door opener is no longer covered by warranty, Customer Support can advise on how to purchase the necessary parts to repair your device.

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