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Information regarding historic ChickenGuard firmware updates
Information regarding historic ChickenGuard firmware updates

Learn more about a frequently asked question, and why the topic may appear in online forum conversations.

Updated over a week ago

Can you request a firmware update dongle to solve a problem with your ChickenGuard unit?

Unfortunately, ChickenGuard does not supply firmware update dongles for our door openers.

Problems with your ChickenGuard unit may be solved through troubleshooting, and sometimes, replacement parts may be necessary.

Learn more about the process by reading our articles on Warranty Information, Repair Services, and Ordering Replacement Parts.

Have firmware update dongles been provided in the past?

We did once provide firmware updates to customers in order to resolve a problem that caused a batch of mark-4 units to use up too much power too quickly.

However, this was a long time ago and there have since been many further software versions developed.

If you are looking online for support with a problem and come across discussion of a firmware dongle, please be aware that this information is outdated. You should instead contact the Customer Support team for assistance.

So what should you do if you are experiencing the problem of a short battery life?

To resolve this problem, please first read our articles on Short Battery Life and Short Battery Life During Winter. If you cannot resolve the problem using the advice in these articles, talk to Customer Support for assistance, making sure to provide a form of proof-of-purchase and some photos of the inside of your unit.

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