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Ordering Replacement Parts
Ordering Replacement Parts

Learn how to order replacement parts for your ChickenGuard door opener.

Updated over a week ago

You can order replacement parts by talking to the Customer Support team and requesting a quote for the part you need. (When talking to the Support Bot, Chip, just choose the "get more help" option and your ticket will be passed on to the Support team.)

After you have confirmed you are happy to go ahead with the order, you will receive an invoice via email from the payment system, Stripe.

In this email will be a link to a secure payment page, where you can enter your card details.

Once payment is received, the part will be shipped from the closest warehouse, and your support advisor will give an estimated shipping duration.

If your unit is still covered by its 3-year warranty, you may be able to order the replacement part free of charge. Make sure to provide some form of proof-of-purchase when contacting the team.

Parts that can be ordered include the following:

  • replacement motor (not available for All-in-One models)

  • replacement front panel/plate

  • replacement battery box

  • replacement All-in-One extension box

  • replacement screws

  • replacement locking door (locking door parts also available in the UK)

  • USB power cable

If a whole new unit is needed, please see our article on Replacing your old ChickenGuard.

NOTE: Replacement string cannot be ordered outside of the UK. Please see our article on Replacing a Snapped String for assistance with this.

NOTE: Replacement motors cannot be ordered for the All-in-One, if you think you need a new motor for your All-in-One, start a conversation with the Support Bot and ask to speak to a person.

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