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Mounting a Door Opener inside your Coop

Learn which ChickenGuard models can be mounted inside of the coop, and what restrictions this might cause.

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Can you mount a ChickenGuard Door Opener inside of your coop?

You can definitely install your Door Opener on the inside of your coop! However, classic door openers mounted inside of a coop cannot utilise the Sensor option (opening at dawn and closing at dusk). This is due to the light sensor being set into the front panel of each model.

In light of this, there are three options that may work for you.

1. Standard/S5 model: timer only

If you are planning to mount your door opener inside your coop, you may be interested in the Standard or S5 model, as this model only has the timer option enabled, and is priced lower to reflect this.

2. All-in-One model: best of both worlds

You may be interested in the All-in-One model instead of a classic door opener. This model comes with an "extension box", which allows you to mount the control panel and light sensor separately to the door itself.

3. Premium (P5), Extreme (X5), or PRO models: sensor with an extra installation step

If you would definitely like to use a classic door opener and also make use of the sensor option, you may be able to mount the door opener on the outside of the coop and set up a pulley system in order for the string to reach the door inside the coop.

Before setting up a pulley system, ensure the following:

  • your coop door weighs a maximum of 1.5kg (3.3lbs)

  • you use no more than 2 or 3 pulleys

  • you remove the bead from the string

  • you ensure the unit is set to Manual Calibration

  • you use eye screws instead of traditional roller pulleys

    (Traditional roller pulleys add extra resistance in the movement of the string, and can cause the door opener to go into an error state.)

NOTE: ChickenGuard do not sell pulleys, but they can be purchased from hardware stores and online stores like Amazon.

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