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Home Page Guide (App)
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NOTE: The ChickenGuard App Kit is currently not yet available for purchase, and is still in the beta testing stage. Talk to Customer Support to be added to the waitlist and be one of the first to hear when the kit is released.

LCD Screen

The screen at the top of the home page provides up to date information as to the state of the door and any other messages that may need to be displayed.

Open & Close Identifier Symbols

The row beneath the LCD screen has 3 sections: the Open Setting type identifier symbols, Wifi Signal Strength, and the Close Setting type identifier symbols.


The hand symbol represents Manual door open/close setting - automatic door movements have been disabled.


The sun symbol means the system using the Light Sensor to open or close the door.


The clock symbol means the system is using the Timer to open or close the door.

Computed Sunrise/Sunset

The computer symbol means the system is using the Sunrise/Sunset time calculated at your location, which is updated daily as the seasons change.

Wifi Signal Strength

This displays the WiFi signal strength at your "HomeHub".

Menu button

The Menu button should be used in the same way as on your Door Opener; to enter the settings menu, and to select different options.

Up & Down Buttons

The up and down buttons are used to move between options in the settings menu. They can also be used to manually open or close the door when the *OPEN* or *CLOSED* status message is showing.

Refresh button

The app communicates with your Door Opener unit every 5 minutes to keep you updated, but the Refresh button can be used to refresh the information at any time.

Major Icons

There are 4 major icons at the bottom of the home page.


Tapping the EGGS icon takes you into the Egg Counter, where you can record how many eggs were laid today.


Tapping the SOLAR icon takes you into the Solar Power settings


Tapping the RADIO icon when it is red takes you into the Radio Communications settings. If the symbol is white and has a padlock symbol in the top left corner, this means it is locked; to enter the Radio Communications settings, navigate to "Misc Settings" > "Radio Comms".


Tapping the HELP icon takes you to the Help Centre article relevant to the option or page you are viewing. You can search for other help articles using the search bar at the top of any Help Centre page.

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