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Navigating the App

Learn how to navigate around the main sections of the app.

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NOTE: The ChickenGuard App Kit is currently not yet available for purchase, and is still in the beta testing stage. Talk to Customer Support to be added to the waitlist and be one of the first to hear when the kit is released.

The main screen of the app has been designed to work in the same way as your actual ChickenGuard Door Opener, so you will use the MENU, up, and down buttons to move through the options.

The Home Page

The Home Page is where you start from when opening the app. The screen will always display the current state of the coop door.

Entering the Settings Menu

To enter the menu, just tap the MENU button.

Scrolling through the options

To scroll through the various options, just tap on the UP or DOWN arrow.

Choosing an Option

When you see the option you want to adjust, just press the MENU button - think of it like an ENTER key.

What options are in the Settings Menu?

The options in the Settings Menu are very similar to the settings menu of your physical ChickenGuard door opener.

Open Settings

"Open Settings" is where you can choose how the door's open cycle should be triggered.

Close Settings

"Close Settings" is where you can choose how the door's close cycle should be triggered.

Time Settings

"Time Settings" is where you can choose how the clock's time should be set.

LUX Settings

"LUX Settings" is where you can adjust the light values that should trigger the door to open and close when using the Sensor open/close option.

Misc Setting

"Misc Setting" is where you can adjust extra settings such as enabling the Sensor Delay, Auto Door Calibration, and the Radio Communication settings.


Choosing "EXIT" will exit the Menu and take you back to the Home Page.

The Four Major Icons

You will also notice four icons at the bottom of the Home Page. These take you into the Egg Counter, Solar Settings, Radio Communications Settings, and Help Centre.

NOTE: After initial setup, the Radio Communications Settings can only be accessed through the Misc Settings.

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