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"Time Settings" in the App

Learn about the Time Settings options in the ChickenGuard App

Updated over a week ago

NOTE: The ChickenGuard App Kit is currently not yet available for purchase, and is still in the beta testing stage. Talk to Customer Support to be added to the waitlist and be one of the first to hear when the kit is released.

Time Settings is a new menu option in the App; the only clock option in the menu of the Door Openers is "Set the Time". Time Settings allows you to view the clock and choose which method the app will use to set the time on the Door Opener.

View Time

The "View Time" option allows you to view the time currently set on the Door Opener.

Set the Time

The "Set the Time" option allows you to manually set the time on the Door Opener.

Auto Time Update

The "Auto Time Update" option sets the time according to your time zone.

The app automatically updates the Door Opener's time for Daylight Savings, saving you the trouble.

When the screen reads "Auto Time Update", tap the MENU button to enter the setting.

Tap the UP or DOWN arrow to select "On" or "Off" (indicated by the arrows).

When you are happy, tap the MENU button to save the setting.


"EXIT" is the last option inside any area of the Settings Menu. Tapping the MENU button when "EXIT" is on the screen will close the Settings Menu and take you back to the ome Page.

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