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"Motor Power Error" Troubleshooting

Learn about the Motor Power Err message and how to solve the problem(s) that cause it.

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You may sometimes notice a message on the screen that reads "MOTOR POWER ERR / Recalibrate Door".

This error message is often caused by a problem with either the batteries or with the door itself. Read on to learn what could cause the problem and how to fix it.

Power issues

Navigate to "Misc Settings", and then to the page which displays the model name and "Battery OK", and check the voltage shown.

The voltage should always be above 5v to sufficiently power both the motor as well as the unit itself. If the voltage shows less than 5.3v, please try a new set of 4 batteries.

Tangled string

Check that the string is not tangled around the motor shaft or anything else inside the unit. If the string is tangled, please see our article on Fixing a Tangled String.

Door issues

Check that the door is not catching or too tight. Wooden doors and rails can swell and warp with changing weather conditions, which can cause friction/resistance when the unit tries to open or close the door. Any resistance can cause a door error.

Note: During winter, your door can become frozen in its runners in the mornings, to combat this, we suggest lining the rails with vaseline to prevent ice freezing there.

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