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Light Sensor Help

Learn what you can do if your light sensor isn't working.

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Note: Standard and S5 units do not come with the light sensor feature enabled. This can be unlocked with a one-time payment. Talk to the Customer Support team and let them know your location so that they can give you a quote for this cost.

How can you check if your light sensor is working?

You can check your open and close values inside the LUX Adjustment page. You can also take a reading here to determine whether there is a fault with the sensor.

We recommend the Open value is set to somewhere between 200 and 240, and we recommend that the Close value is set to 80. However, every sensor can be different and can be affected by its surroundings differently, so it might benefit you to take a reading in the morning and evening around the time you would like it to open and close.

To take a reading, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Navigate to "LUX Adjustment"

  2. You will see a small arrow pointing to the word "Open"

  3. Press the down button twice. You will see the arrow pointing to the word "Read"

  4. Press the menu button once. You will see a number replace the word "Read"

  5. Take a note of this number. Remember: the brighter it is outside, the higher the number should be

If you ever get a number between 0-80 during the day when the sun is bright, talk to the Customer Support team for assistance.

What if your values are reversed, reading high at night and low during the day?

There are two different type of light sensor that the ChickenGuard is able to utilise; LDR and Photo Diode. Most units have an LDR type sensor, and if the unit is set to use the Diode type, this will cause reversed readings.

You can switch your unit back to the correct light sensor setting by following the below instructions:

  1. Press the menu button once to wake the unit up

  2. Press and hold the menu button for 5+ seconds until the screen says “Continue?”

  3. select “YES”

  4. Scroll up or down to “Light Sense Type”, pressing the menu button to select this page

  5. Choose “LDR” using the up button

  6. Scroll up to “Exit”, pressing the menu button to select this page

  7. Once in the normal menu again, navigate to “LUX Adjustment” and take a reading. If the reading now shows a value between 180 and 260 during daylight, then the sensor will work correctly.

What if the light sensor is working but your door does not open or close when it should?

If you have already checked that the light sensor is working as it should using the steps above, but the door still does not open and/or close when it should, please check that both your Open Setting and Close Setting are set to "Sensor".

It would also be worth checking that there is not something else causing problems when the door is supposed to open or close; e.g. a problem with the door or the motor.

What can you do if your Open value is set to 200 but the door is not opening early enough?

When setting the Open value for your door opener, the lowest value you can choose is 200. Some older models' settings can be altered to allow a lower value, so if you need to set the Open value to a number lower than 200, talk to the Customer Support team for advice.

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