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How to Unlock your Sensor

If your light sensor is locked, customer service can help you to unlock this feature.

Updated over a week ago

If your door opener is a Standard or S5 model, there is an upgrade charge required to unlock the sensor. Speak to the Customer Support team for more information on how to pay.

To unlock your sensor, you will need to give a code to the Customer Support team. They will then use this code to generate a PIN, which is used to unlock your sensor.

The code you need can be found in the "Sensor Unlock" page. Follow the instructions below to navigate to this page:

  1. Press the menu button to wake the unit up

  2. Press the menu button once to enter the Settings menu

  3. Press the down button 5 times to reach "Misc Settings", pressing the menu button to select this option

  4. Press the down button until you reach "Sensor Unlock", pressing the menu button to select this option

  5. Take note of the code shown, as you will need to pass this on to Customer Support.

Once you have received your PIN from Customer Support, navigate to the Sensor Unlock page again and enter it into the empty line.

If your Premium, Extreme, P5, X5, PRO, or All-in-One unit's sensor is locked, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

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