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All-in-One not opening during winter

Learn what might cause the All-in-One's door to fail to open on winter mornings

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Why might the door of the All-in-One fail to open on winter mornings?

If your All-in-One is failing to open during winter, this could be due to ice freezing between the door and its runners.

There is a setting called "Door Control" which allows you to choose different modes for different conditions. The different Door Modes are "Normal Mode", "Winter Mode", and "Custom Mode".

Winter Mode gives the door more power during open and close cycles. This is most useful on cold mornings when the ice may have frozen between the door and the rails.

(However, this does mean that the door will be less sensitive to obstructions, so you may need to set the door to close a little later to avoid trapping a bird in the doorway during the close cycle.)

How can you set the door to Winter Mode?

To set the All-in-One to Winter Mode, follow these instructions:

  1. Press the menu button to wake the screen

  2. Press the menu button once to enter the Settings menu

  3. Press the down button 5 times, to get to "Misc Settings", pressing the menu button to select this option

  4. Press the down button 5 times, to get to "Door Control", pressing the menu button to select this option

  5. Use the up or down button to scroll between the options, pressing the menu button to select "Winter Mode"

If you purchased your All-in-One unit between April-June 2023, your unit will have the first version of the firmware installed, which did not yet include the Door Mode options. Talk to Customer Support for guidance on changing your door settings.

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