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Setting Up Radio Communications (App)
Setting Up Radio Communications (App)

How to set up Radio Communications between your HomeHub and Door Opener in the ChickenGuard App for the first time.

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NOTE: The ChickenGuard App Kit is currently not yet available for purchase, and is still in the beta testing stage. Talk to Customer Support to be added to the waitlist and be one of the first to hear when the kit is released.

After setting up your HomeHub, you will need to set up Radio Communications between the HomeHub and Door Opener.

Before progressing with this stage of the setup process, you must ensure that your ChickenGuard Door Opener is connected to an external power source and is not being powered by the AA batteries.

Step 1: Go to your coop and stand with the door opener

In order to complete this stage of the setup process, you must be standing with the door opener, as you will need to complete some steps in the app and others in the door opener's settings.

The door opener must also be plugged into an external power source, as radio communication uses more power than general use, and would result in a very short battery life.

Step 2: Enter the Radio Communications Settings

The Home Page will initially show the message "Radio Setup / PRESS ICON BELOW".

Tap the Radio icon at the bottom of the page to be taken to the Radio Communications settings.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on your screen

  1. Plug the unit in to power using the DC cable.

  2. Move to the next set of instructions by tapping the DOWN arrow.

  3. On the Door Opener's control panel, navigate to "Misc Settings", then to "Radio Comms".

  4. Use the UP and DOWN buttons of the Door Opener to enter the "Link ID" shown on the app. It will be a set of 6 numbers, something like the below image:

  5. Move to the next set of instructions by tapping the DOWN arrow.

  6. Tap "Test Link" to test the connection between the App and the Door Opener.

  7. The App will perform a test.

  8. If the test is successful, you will see the message "Link Test: PASSED" on the LCD screen at the top of the page.

  9. Tap "Exit" at the bottom of the page.

Your ChickenGuard Door Opener is now connected to the app.

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