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Compatibility with Nestera Coops

Learn about how to calibrate your door opener on a Nestera (formerly Green Frog) Coop

Updated over a week ago

Nestera Coops are very popular and are compatible with our door openers, but they do not have a standard up-down sliding door. Therefore, if your unit is using Automatic Calibration, it will not be able to calibrate.

To change your unit to Manual Calibration mode, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Press the menu button once to wake the unit up

  2. Press the menu button once more to open the settings menu

  3. Press the down button 5 times to get to Misc Settings, pressing the menu button to select this option

  4. Press the down button 3 times to get to Calibrate Type, pressing the menu button to select this option

  5. Then choose "MANUAL" using the down button, or "AUTO" using the up button

Now you will need to complete your calibration and follow the instructions on screen, setting the open position first and the closed position second.

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