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Setting the Door to Open after 12pm

Learn how you can set the door opener to open and close within the same 12-hour period

Updated over a week ago

When using the Timer, your door opener can only open between 00:00 (12am) and 11:59 (am), and can only close between 12:00 (12pm) and 23:59 (11:59pm).

If you would like to set the door to open after 12pm, you will need to set the clock incorrectly.

Step 1: Set the time to 12:00, 1 hour after you would like the door to open.

For example, if you would like the door to open at 3pm, then set the time to be 12pm when it is actually 4pm.

Step 2: Set the open time to 11am, so that the unit thinks that it is opening in the morning. It will actually open at 3pm.

Step 3: Set your close time. For this you would add the difference to your 11AM and set the close time to this.

For example, if you would like the door to close at 7pm, in this example you would put your close settings to 3pm.

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