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"Motor Missing" Error

Learn about the Motor Missing error message and how to fix the problem

Updated over a week ago

If you ever see the "Motor Missing" error message, you will need to check that your motor wires are fully connected to the circuit board.

If the motor wires are attached and the error still appears, please follow the below instructions to stop the error appearing:

  1. Press the menu button to wake the screen

  2. Press and hold the menu button until the message "Continue?" appears

  3. Select "YES" using the up button

  4. Using the up button, navigate to "Motor Lead test", using the menu button to select this option

  5. Select "NO" using the down button

  6. Press the up button to get to "Exit", using the menu button to select this option

You will then be taken back to the home screen, and you will be able to recalibrate the door.

What if the motor still does not respond?

Talk to the Customer Support team for further assistance.

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